Yokai button-up shirt
Yokai button-up shirt

Yokai button-up shirt

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Step into another world with this soft Japan-inspired yokai button-up shirt!

  • Cotton-linen blended fabric
  • Durable, lightweight and breathable
  • Longer shirts for you to style however you like
  • Cute, illustrated design by a small creator (me!) 
  • Sizes from 3XS to 8XL

Note: Shirts size on the smaller side so if you are unsure, go with the larger size! If you require a different size than what we offer here, please contact us and we will endeavour to make it happen if we can! 

As this shirt is printed on a linen blended fabric, there are tiny white 'specks' as you can probably see in the photos. This is not a defect but rather gives the design a lovely texture and adds to its charm. ✨